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    Jazmine Lace Front Wig

    • Jazmine Lace Front Wig
    • Free part frontal
    • Glue less unit
    • 16 inch water wave
    • Jet Black Color
    • Has adjustable straps
    • Thick black band added in back for extra security
    • Small/Medium cap size
    • Ready for immediate install
    • Soft & tangle free

    Le Deux

    Our Le Deux is used for the perfect ultimate smooth blow out or for hair with natural curl, you can achieve luscious defined curls. It fights styling damage and helps hold your style without stiffness or stickiness.


    Licorice Lace Front Wig

    • 18 inch free part lace front wig
    • Peruvian straight
    • Thick band attached in back for extra security
    • Medium cap size
    • Has adjustable straps in back
    • Custom colored to jet black
    • Glue-Less unit
    • Ready for immediate install
    • Soft & tangle free

    Mahogany Closure Bob

    • 14 inch free part closure
    • Custom color Red
    • Shoulder length
    • Medium cap size
    • Thick band attached in back for extra security
    • Has adjustable straps in back
    • Glue-Less unit
    • Ready for immediate install
    • Soft & tangle free

    Mink Eyelashes

    Virgin Hair Loft offer Strip Mink Eyelashes. Our eyelashes are handmade natural mink lashes. Our Mink Eyelashes have no added chemicals or dyes. Our Mink Eyelashes are made of 100% cruelty-free mink. Our exclusive Virgin Hair Loft design makes our unique natural mink lashes extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear every day.


    Moisturizing Conditioner

    Our Moisturizing Conditioner is a light weight Conditioner that penetrates and seals the hair cuticle so color stays strong, shine turns on and hair is never weighed down. It also hydrates excessively dry, brittle, and coarse hair. Its deep penetrating formula replenishes moisture for greater elasticity, manageability and shine.


    Hydrating Facial Moisturizer

    Our Hydrating Face Moisturizer will have customers enjoying non-stop hydration with this powerful daily face moisturizer. The fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula will instantly hydrate and quench skin, regardless of the type. This lightweight gel-based cream contains a clinically supported technology that helps skin create its own internal water source for continuous hydration, delivering 2X the moisture boost by day’s end.


    Moisturizing Shampoo

    Our Moisturizing shampoo is a rich formula that gently cleanses and hydrates hair, leaving it radiant and ready for anything. It provides radiant shine and protects color naturally, our shampoos and conditioners are sulfate, sodium chloride, paraben and gluten free.


    Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser

    Our Perfect 10 Cleanser’s high antioxidant content helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing a natural defense against environmental stressors. The result will leave your skin plump, radiant, and incredibly renewed.


    Glow Package: CC Serum + Hydrating Face Moisturizer + Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser

    CC Serum + Hydrating Face Moisturizer + Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser in one package! CC Serum Our CC Serum works at a cellular level to help protect against harmful free radicals from UV rays and everyday pollutants, while preserving the appearance of beautiful, vibrant-looking skin. You will see dramatic results with this energy-packed serum that’s […]


    Peruvian Straight Full Lace Wig

    • Glue-less Full Lace Wig
    • Free part Frontal
    • 20 inch Peruvian Straight
    • Natural Brown Color
    • Has adjustable straps and combs
    • Medium cap size
    • Soft & Tangle Free
    • Ready for immediate install

    Single 360 Frontal Grade 8A Deluxe Hair

    Single 360 Frontal with Grade 8A Deluxe Hair. Choose from two textures, seven types of hair, and a range of lengths. Lengths are available from 10 inches to 20 inches.


    Single Bundle – Deluxe Virgin Remy Hair 8A Grade

    Single Bundle of Deluxe Hair.


    Single Bundle – Premium 11A Grade Virgin Remy Hair

    Single bundle of premium 11A grade Virgin Remy hair. 4 hair types and 5 textures available


    T Shirts

    Virgin Hair Loft has a exclusive women’s fitted T shirt line. Our shirts are available in 3 colors. Our shirts are available in sizes S-XXL. Our VHL Maine Tame shirts are custom made and styled to the perfect liking of your choice! Please take a look at our options.


    Tangerine Lace Front Wig

    • Tangerine Lace Front Wig
    • Glue less Unit
    • 20,20,22 Inch Brazilian Body wave
    • With 20 Inch Brazilian Body Wave Frontal
    • Free part Frontal 13*4
    • Custom Colored To Orange
    • Has adjustable straps attached
    •   Thick band attached in back for extra security
    • Medium/Large cap size
    • Ready For Immediate Install
    • Soft & tangle free