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June 1, 2019

Human Hair Lace Wig Maintenance

Wig maintenance care is similar if not exact to your natural hair. Human virgin hair wigs are made with the cuticles intact.

By maintaining your custom wig, your wig investment and the look of your human hair wig will look full, healthy and last much longer for your use.

Here are a few suggestions how you can take care fo your custom virgin hair front lace wigs:

  1. Protectant wig sealers may prolong the life of your custom front lace virgin hair wig. Protectant hair sealers may help strengthen the front lace of the wig and help the hair strands from knotting up too much giving your virgin hair wig more longevity for use.


  1. Brush your virgin hair font lace wig. It is very important to spray evenly the protectant sealer and wait for it to dry. If you wash your virgin hair regularly, we suggest applying the protectant sealer after each hair washing.


  1. Protect your hair from harsh weather conditions. Same as you would with your natural hair. For example: During harsh storms, etc, wear a hat or cover with an umbrella.


  1. When brushing your hair, this author would suggest using a pick which is similar to a wide tooth comb instead of a brush that typically pulls the hair out of its cuticles and also causes knotting.


  1. When washing your front lace virgin real human hair wig, we suggest you do not use soap or regular shampoo. There are special products to consider when washing and maintaining your real human hair wig such as front lace wig shampoos and special cleansers that will remove any access glue from the front lace.


  1. It is always a good idea to take your custom wig to a wig maker to insert additional hair strands at the front hair line to keep a natural full head of natural hair look.


In closing, purchasing a front lace virgin real human hair wig is an investment and will last typically 6 – 8 months as long as you keep up with your wig care.

Remember to always wash your wig carefully use the special products discussed within this article such as wig shampoos and wig lace cleansers, make sure to let your custom wig dry and maintain a clean front lace.

Following these simple maintenance care tips should keep your wig investment wearable for a longer and healthier wig life.

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