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April 18, 2019

Difference Between Virgin Lace Wigs and Remy Wigs

Virgin Lace Wigs verses the Remy wig, this is what we will discuss today.

Many celebrities choose virgin lace custom wigs when they perform on stage. Some of these celebrities include however, not limited to the following performers: Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks and even Beyonce. Custom lace wigs offer a versatile and natural fashion statement to fit any special event or red-carpet runway show as well as in your everyday life.

Custom wigs especially virgin lace wigs are not much more affordable today giving everybody access to such wigs and no longer available just to the elite,

Custom virgin hair in the form of a lace wig is a much easier solution to your hair replacement, hair loss or hair fashion statement needs and much safer than using hair treatments, hair chemicals or even hair surgery.

Deliberations have been made on which material is the best for lace wigs. The price of these units is primarily based on the kind of hair used, and other imperative details such as style and length. Though synthetic

Virgin hair is real human hair giving you the comfort, the natural texture, look and feel that the custom real hair wigs you wear has the feel that you are wearing your own hair. This is one of the reasons why h=waring a custom real human hair wig is much better than a remy wig.

Let’s compare the typical makeup of a virgin hair wig verses a remy hair wig.

  1. Virgin hair real hair wigs are known not to be treated, dyed or bleached with any chemicals.
  2. Remy hair is sometimes considered to be the highest-grade of human hair and typically considered to be the most affordable and, widely used for a variety of wigs and hair extensions. Remy hair, especially Indian remy hair is the most common used throughout the globe. However, Virgin hair still has its cuticles attached to the hair. These cuticles are collected from the donor. Remy hair can be called a virgin Remy hair, however, only if no treatments were applied during the custom wig making process. Remy wigs are sometimes treated with color.
  3. Virgin hair lace wigs are smoother, shinier and may offer the appearance of an even more natural look than your own hair.

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