virgin custom wigs

June 1, 2019

Human Hair Lace Wig Maintenance

Wig maintenance care is similar if not exact to your natural hair. Human virgin hair wigs are made with the cuticles intact. By maintaining your custom wig, your wig investment and the look of your human hair wig will look full, healthy and last much longer for your use. Here are a few suggestions how […]

May 2, 2019

Virgin Lace Front Wig Benefits

With famous people, entertainers and celebrities utilizing lace wigs when they are appearing on TV, on red carpet venues and or at publicized award ceremonies; you can bet that the general public is noticing the value for wearing virgin lace wigs. This is one of the reasons why virgin lace front wigs are becoming a […]

April 18, 2019

Difference Between Virgin Lace Wigs and Remy Wigs

Virgin Lace Wigs verses the Remy wig, this is what we will discuss today. Many celebrities choose virgin lace custom wigs when they perform on stage. Some of these celebrities include however, not limited to the following performers: Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks and even Beyonce. Custom lace wigs offer a versatile and natural fashion statement […]

February 23, 2017

Founder Kesha West discusses different types of Hair Extensions

Have you ever tried coloring extensions? Are you stumped when it comes to choosing extensions for your hair? I know I am! Kesha West, owner of Virgin Hair Loft, educates us on the different varieties of extension hair.